As we are approaching this year’s fall and the fall’s award season, we can’t help but be honored by so many of you in the design community that choose to use Fräsch products on your projects. We decided that we should do a better job to celebrate you and to make sure everyone knows about your fine work!

We know it can be very time consuming [and expensive] to submit multiple projects for multiple industry awards, so here is our idea: let us do it for you on your behalf!

If you have a project and two where you used Fräsch products and some fantastic photos to go with it, please send us the project info and the photos and we will do the rest! We will submit your project for Interior Design Best of Year 2020 Award on your behalf and we will also cover the cost. We will make sure you can review the submission for accuracy prior to entry. You can submit multiple projects to us even in the same project category. The only thing we like to ask that there are photos in the mix that are prominently featuring a Fräsch product. We will be limiting the submissions to 20 best projects so please reply asap. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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