14Six8: Beautiful. Functional. Sustainable.

We like to think we always keep beauty top of mind.

Or is it sustainability?

Or acoustic performance?

It may sound like a tall order, but the fact of the matter is we don’t like to sacrifice one thing for another. And you know what?

We don’t have to.

That’s why when we were presented with the opportunity to partner with 14six8, an architectural design firm out of the UK, we were thrilled!

Innovative Interlocking Technology

14six8 designs use interlocking technology that creates a strong and edgy visual appeal. (We do love cool stuff!) Each installation connects together, not unlike a puzzle, in innumerous possible configurations. This acoustic collection is designed with maximum visual impact in mind while maintaining exceptional acoustic performance.


Each acoustic solution is made out of 12mm PET, giving every installation structural integrity without the use of any extra materials or tools, like glue. As a result, each design also ships flat, reducing your carbon footprint. It’s sustainability at its best!

Modern, Edgy Aesthetic

The euro-style design exudes cool vibes for a contemporary look to any space. Embrace style, form and function with 14six8.

Modern, Edgy Aesthetic hanging


Create a work of art that also cuts reverberation in open floorplans. Modular baffles can accommodate any space while suspension systems provide visual impact. Create an epic statement piece. (You know you want to.)


Space Division

Create a space within a space with room dividers that can be assembled, configured and reconfigured with endless possibilities.

Space Division

Tabletop Privacy

Give workstations and desks an element of privacy in shared spaces while cutting down on the reverberation.

Table top


You didn’t think we forgot about lighting, did you? Marry light and sound to create a glowing ambiance.


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