2022 NEWsworthy Highlights

2022 NEWsworthy Highlights

As we look ahead and poise ourselves to ring in the NEW year, we thought we’d take a moment to look back and report on some NEWsworthy highlights including:

New Products
| New Award Wins | New Digs | New CEUs

Let’s break these down, one by one.


We’re always cooking something up.

This year, we offered some new takes on some fan favorites, and also rolled out some Beta products that show promise.

Bafl Kit


Combine the high-performing acoustical capabilities of PET felt with the natural and pleasing aesthetic of wood.

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SPOT is sleek and flat-roofed privacy pod. This “modular office” ships flat and can be assembled in minutes thanks to our proprietary hardware technology.

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Sometimes off-the-wall ideas end up putting products ON the wall. That’s precisely what we did with PANL, which to many, was exclusively thought of as a hanging divider – not so!

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Hung on a wall, it transforms into a beautiful art installation that helps to improve a room’s acoustics. Give PANL another look if you are in the market for an eye-catching and interesting design.


You might say we saved the best for last. Our Beta page is where the latest and greatest ideas live. We invite you to peruse our product offerings and vote for your favorites – to “show a product some love” click on the heart next to it. The reviews make their way right to our design team and we’re all ears!

For even more on the latest…if you are interested in learning more about our design process, or where we find our inspiration, we invite you to read this Q&A with Gary Nightingale, our founder and president.

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We’re proud to report that three of our products received industry accolades this year: Alcove, Etch Arc and Hashtag.

alcove honoree

Alcove, like Spot, detailed above, is a privacy pod. Alcove, however, is smaller and provides more intimate space division. Interior Design Magazine recognized its potential and named it a Best of Year Honoree.

Best of Year Honoree 2022

Interior Design also shone a light on Etch Arc, our latest wall tile product, likewise naming it a 2022 Honoree. The pattern and overall installed appearance can change dramatically just by rotating the position of tiles.

2022 Architectural Record Winner

Our third industry nod was made in the direction of Hashtag, our latest ceiling baffle product. This unique and customizable suspension system incorporates our proprietary hardware to create a distinct look that provides optimal acoustic performance. We’re proud to say that Architectural Record named Hashtag a Record Product of the Year.


Have you heard about our move? In early October 2022, after settling into our “new digs” in Grand Prairie, friends, family, and close business associates were invited to an Open House event that was one for the books. Our new office will help to expand manufacturing capabilities of our wide range of custom and existing products formed from eco-friendly PET felt.

In addition, it leaves room for continued, future growth, with space for a showroom and classrooms, perfect for product demonstrations and rep training sessions. Be sure to sign up to receive our eblasts and follow us across social media for updates on future events in our new space.


We also invite you to keep an eye on our CEU calendar for future presentation dates of new CEUs in the coming year. Our two current offerings have been taught to thousands both in-person and online. We are confident that our forthcoming classes will be met with the same gusto.

We fully intend to ride the wave and carry more positivity and new and exciting things into 2023. We hope you’ll join us on our journey.

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