From Shiplap to FELTLAP

FELTLAP was inspired by well-loved and easy to install shiplap. When considering how to design our version, we mimicked shiplap’s tongue and groove features to keep the installation time to a minimum, while incorporating features to make it even more appealing. Read on for all the details.  

How does FELTLAP stack up acoustically?

Like many other surfaces found in office spaces, traditional wood shiplap is hard, smooth and reflective: a trifecta capable of bouncing multiple sound waves in different directions creating reverb. Unlike traditional shiplap, FELTLAP offers the high performing acoustical capabilities of P.E.T.. With an NRC rating of up to 0.75 and an option for custom printed wood finishes, FELTLAP offers the look of traditional shiplap without the extra noisea sound choice, if you ask us. 

Custom Printed Wood Finish Options

Many designers gravitate towards shiplap because of its clean distinct lines and warm wood finish it brings to a space. FELTLAP is no different. Because its design was inspired by traditional shiplap, we’re proud to offer it in custom printed wood finishes that are nearly identical in appearance to traditional wood shiplap.  

Or, if you prefer, select one of our 34 different P.E.T. color options, or combine woodprint with a solid color for something magical.

Just how easy is FELTLAP to install?

FELTLAP was developed to be easily installed on both walls and ceilings, either vertically or horizontally, making it an incredibly versatile design element. Traditional shiplap installation is anything but DIY friendly as it typically requires an electric saw, nail gun, and loads of patience. Watch this install video to see just how easy our alternative is.  

Installation Made Easy

We’ve even thought of finishing touches, like Flannery Extrusions to cap off sections or edges of your installed FELTLAP or outlet covers to give you that finished look. 

Begin your journey with FELTLAP here 

We can’t wait to see how you incorporate FELTLAP into your designs. Take the first step by requesting a quote or sample to find some inspiration, and then, let us know how you FELTLAP. 

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