Course Description

Rapidly changing trends in our society, such as urbanization and modern lifestyle, have resulted in isolation of humans from our experiences within nature. Early research has shown that psychological effects of biophilic design on noise perception have a significant influence in the well-being and health such as focus, information retention, productivity and creativity. In this course, we will identify these potential problems and the effects of them; as well as outline different corrective actions to mitigate/lessen the issues.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the positive and negative physiological and psychological effects of different sound-scapes on humans.
  • Understand cognitive limitation caused by different sound environments.
  • Understand the impact of sound environment on productivity and creativity.
  • Be able to  identify corrective actions available to us to improve the environment’s soundscape.

Take The Course

This course is offered as an online class through AEC Daily or a scheduled webinar.

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