Perfect Appearance, Near Perfect NRC. Meet PIXL

Pixels. The tiny elements, that together, make up an image on a television or digital screen. PIXL. Your new favorite acoustic wall or ceiling product. Take one look at a PIXL panel, and it’s easy to find the inspiration behind its name. Much like their namesake, our PIXLs can create something pretty magical.

It’s All About the Poofs

PIXL’s unique design achieves a near perfect NRC and offers a pleasing aesthetic in its natural state: we offer PIXL in two shape variants, Square or Round, and in two color combinations, White Poof with Light Gray backer OR Light Gray Poof with Dark Gray backer.
Square - White on Light Gray
Round - White on Light Gray
Square - Light Gray on Dark Gray
Round - Light Gray on Dark Gray
If white or grey aren’t your cup of tea, print a cup of tea, or anything your heart desires, directly on the raised parts of PIXL.

Color Matching

Maybe Viva Magenta 18-1750, Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year color is what you’re after. Or maybe you’re partial to Butter 12-0752 TPX like we are. Whatever your Pantone color choice, we can match it. The side reveal adds to the product’s depth and achieves a pixelated look.

Custom Printing

PIXL allows you to go as bold and as big as you want to. If you’re hoping to achieve something more subtle (think Monet’s pointillism) you can go that route, too. Let us bring your design to life with custom printing.
PIXL - Full Wall Art
PIXL - Full Wall Art
PIXL - Custom Printed

Speaking of Customization

PIXL is easily cut to meet the needs of your space. Have recessed lighting to contend with? No problem. A T-Grid you want to conceal. Sure, PIXL can do that, too.
Pixl - Installation Example
Pixl - Installation Example
Pixl - Installation Example
Pixl - Installation Example

Get Started

We can’t wait to see what you dream up…reach out and we’ll help bring that dream to life.