Sound Absorption. Sound Blocking. Personal Protection. Privacy.

Providing separation, protection and noise control in the workplace is more important than ever. Söfwal Technology provides a mix-and-match approach to space division. Build your perfect divider by stacking to different heights, adding sound-blocking technology or incorporating acrylic. Create unique micro-spaces to suit any design.

All Söfwal division is made with a two-layer PET design with a hollow internal cavity, providing a near-perfect NRC Rating. Whether you’re dividing whole spaces, nooks and crannies, workstations or individual desks, Söfwal Technology is the perfect solution for a beautiful space with exemplary sound blocking acoustic performance.


Incorporate acrylic into any Söfwal division solution for an added layer of protection. Acrylic is available in 2 options: as an above-the-wall insert, or a built-in sheet that allows for see-thru visibility when patterns/perforations are cut into the PET while still maintaining a protective barrier.


For added sound control, Söfwal Technology allows for a vinyl sound-blocking insert when more privacy is needed. Sound-blocking insert further provides a lovely three-dimensional effect when used with perforated options.


All Söfwal panels are assembled with a robust internal aluminum frame that allows for various mounting, hanging and sliding configurations.


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