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Classes will be presented remotely by Slavi Younger, Fräsch’s Co-Founder and Educator

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Acoustics and Educational Pedagogy

Wednesday, December 14th
10am PST | Noon CST | 1pm EST

Acoustics and The Modern Human

Thursday, December 22nd
Noon MST | 1pm CST | 2pm EST

Previously Recorded Webinars

Walls, Walls, Walls

Any guesses as to what this webinar is about? Learn how to fix some noise issues with the application of Fräsch wall products.

Recorded May, 2022

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Meet or Re Meet 14six8 Webinar

You’ve heard of it, but do you really know 14six8? In this webinar, Slavi Younger interviews 14six8 co-founders, Daniel Newman and Frankie Papastefanou to uncover inspiration behind the product design and details ways Fräsch has helped to make the line more accessible (read: better price point).

Recorded April, 2022

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Unraveling NRC Ratings

What is an NRC rating? Learn more about Noise Reduction Coefficient, how it’s calculated and what it means for addressing the acoustics of any space.

Recorded February, 2022

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Vibe: Architectural Geometry

Architectural geometry creates a three-dimensional wall application with a hollow cavity for optimal sound absorption. Find out the features and benefits of Vibe, including its ease of installation.

Recorded November, 2021

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Introducing Stratawood

Stratawood combines the high-performing acoustical capabilities of PET felt with the natural and pleasing aesthetic of wood. Find out how easy it is to create a linear design that can carry from ceiling to wall.

Recorded October, 2021

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CEU – Improving Soundscapes In Educational Spaces With PET Felt

Undesirable acoustics in educational spaces have long been considered averse to our goals to effectively teach, create, collaborate, listen, and learn. Now, in the wake of implementing pandemic protocols, our acoustic comfort in these spaces is greatly challenged. This course examines the impacts of poor soundscapes in educational facilities and introduces innovative solutions for improving acoustics in these areas while keeping us comfortable and safe from exposure to emerging viruses.

Recorded September, 2021

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Acoustic Installation Made Easy

Learn about the real-world application and installation advantages of four of Fräsch’s most popular products: LINYFELT, VIBE, BAFL and BRIK 2.0. You don’t need to let installation expenses eat into your budget! Find out how you can easily retrofit a T-Grid or make the most of our secret trap doors!

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Providing separation, protection and noise control in the workplace is more important than ever. SÖFWAL Technology provides a mix-and-match approach to space division. Build your perfect divider by stacking to different heights, adding sound-blocking technology or incorporating acrylic. Create unique micro-spaces to suit any design.

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Classroom Acoustics: Creating The Ideal Learning Environment

An overview of common acoustical issues in the classroom, their effects on both students and teachers and ways to improve speech intelligibility in educational spaces to foster a productive learning environment.

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Incorporate clean lines into any design with Linyfelt. Carry your design from the ceiling through to your walls. Looking for better ceilings, but stuck with a dropped grid? Learn more about how Linyfelt can easily snap into an existing T-Grid.

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14six8 Acoustical Products

Fräsch is excited to collaborate with 14six8 on a new line of high-performance acoustical finishings. Through the shared vision of creating contemporary acoustical elements from sustainable and recycled material, our 14six8 line draws on inspiration from natural elements to produce acoustic friendly office solutions.

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Cubism Series

Create your own bold design by mixing 37 colors and rotating tiles to create unique patterns. CUBSIM comes in four unique shapes: PILO, POLY, PYRA and CLIF to create the perfect aesthetic. Slavi Younger, FRASCH Co-Founder gives this webinar about the new line of CUBISM products from FRASCH.

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