New PANL Perforations beg the question…“How do you perf…orate?”

New PANL Perforations Beg The Question…“How Do You Perf…Orate?”

Hanging panels create visual division and afford sound absorption at the same time. By adding perforations, natural light can shine through and the feeling of airiness and openness can remain. On that note, our popular hanging panels, aptly named PANL, have gotten a bit of a makeover. Ever expanding our offerings to meet customer demands, to stay on (or ahead of!) trends, and to inspire designs that are acoustically and aesthetically pleasing, we’re happy to announce some new pattern offerings. No matter what look you’re going for—classic, contemporary, rustic, bohemian—or more!—we’ve got a pattern for you.

NEW – Palm 1

NEW – Palm 2

The Palm Collection

 Bringing the outside in with Palm 1 or 2—or a combination of both. The symmetry in the perforations make for pleasing lines and can lend themselves to a zen-like atmosphere, effortlessly. Choose a green hue for a nature-inspired look, or a bold color like black or red, to make an impact.

NEW – Birch


Resembling the fine markings of a birch tree, our Birch perforation plays on the biophilic design trend and our human instinct to connect with nature. In a black, white or tan color, this PANL could lean toward an animal print. In green, some might see leaves rustling in the wind. In blue, gentle rain. What do you see?

NEW – Dice


Placed in an educational space, the Dice pattern can seem whimsical. Hung in a monochromatic room with clean lines, it can take on a contemporary look. One thing’s for sure: if you bet on Dice, you’re sure to win tenfold.

NEW – Brush


Remember that feeling of being a kid and creating something uniquely yours in art class? That feeling you could do no wrong? And the pride you felt when making your mark? We think we captured that feeling and look in Brush. Do you agree?

NEW – Fence


They say that fences make great neighbors. And with that in mind, we introduce Fence, a divider with some personality that most anyone would be happy to have move in next to them.

NEW – Aztec 1

NEW – Aztec 2

NEW – Aztec 3

The Aztec Collection

Bold and ornamental, we welcome you to meet our three, new Aztec patterns. Strong enough to make an impact alone, but designed to complement one another if hung together.

NEW – Omaha


Fresh. Simplistic. Clean. Omaha can fit in to most any space, with a quiet charm.

NEW – City Block

City Block

Take a spin around the City Block. Bold and inspired, you’ll get all the intrigue of the city…without having to endure the traffic.


A traditional Gibson isn’t complete with its garnish. Find that extra something in our Gibson design and all its whimsy.

NEW – Gibson

NEW – Deco 1

NEW – Deco 2

NEW – Deco 3

The Deco Collection

Who doesn’t love Art Deco? Bring that timeless style into your space with our three, new classic designs.

NEW – Zen 1

NEW – Zen 2

The Zen Collection

Find your zen with ours. Zen 1 and 2 are simple yet striking and suitable to stand on their own, or paired together.


There’s a reason why Picasso’s art stands the test of time. Strong brush strokes. A unique perspective. Shapes that seem to shift.  Find that same intrigue in our Picasso pattern. Choose it and add a bit of flair to your space.

NEW – Picasso

NEW – Wind 1

NEW – Wind 2

NEW – Wind 3

NEW – Wind 4

The Wind Collection

Just like a gentle breeze this collection is named for, our Wind patterns create movement and airiness alone or when grouped together.

NEW – Disco


Love it or hate it, the Disco Era made its mark on history. Make that same type of impact with our Disco pattern. Reminiscent of a sequined dress or disco ball, its style will shine in your space.